5 Winners in third round of CatchyPotato.com

The third round of the CatchyPotato.com site was closed at 10 minutes past midnight on the morning of Monday the 15th of November 2010, in preparation for the 4th round beginning at 11:30 of the same day.

We would like to take this moment to congratulate the third cash prize winner Despo A, who finished with 166,174 points. She joins the likes of previous winners Tony E and Alexandros K who have all won First place titles and cash prizes in previous rounds.

The Limassol Jazz Festival 2010, as sponsors of the 3rd round,  provided 5 free limited edition t-shirts to the top 5 seekers of the week, as well as the €50.00 cash prize.
After a very close round the top 5 were Alfa X, Panayiotis K, Thane K, Ionela P and Despo.

This was the second round to take place in CatchyPotato’s own site after being migrated from the Hottest OnThisIsland platform in the beginning of November. It is another unique concept by Inztinkt.com, who created OnThisIsland.com back in 2005.

Pictures coming shortly.