3D Gaming and Movies Coming to Homes Near You…

We have been barely welcomed by 2010 and already the entertainment industry has taken strides to blow our minds this year. The CES2010 (Consumer Electronics Show) is currently being held in Las Vegas and its a show where all major electronics companies show off their latest must have gadgets and plans for the future.

Much to my suprise was Sony Entertainments announcement of bringing 3D gaming and movies within our own homes. There has been a massive boom in 3D cinema flicks lately where many films are being released specifically for 3D enabled Cinemas worldwide with Avatar the movie being the latest and most groundbreaking. Now Sony wants a piece of the action too with its announcement that all Playstation 3 consoles will be capable of adding a 3rd Dimension to everything from Tv shows to movies and more excitingly to games.

At the show Sony demoed 3 titles in 3D one which is already avaialble in the market to buy. They showed off a simple PSN game Super Stardust HD 3D (thats a mouthful!) and the upcoming mega title Gran Turismo 5. The title which is already available is Avatar the game but you need to wait a while longer before you can play it with its 3D content.

Sony has announced that all PS3’s will be able to utilise 3D content via a firmware update which will be released later this year. Many existing games too could take advantage of this with software updates for specific game titles. We can surely expect many first party developers to show their support in producing games with the 3D technology in mind. Exciting times ahead i think you will agree.

But what might we need too view the 3D content coming? Sony has not confirmed if all HDTVs will be able to support this function but it is in my understanding that all HDTVs that run at 120FPS or more is all thats needed with the PS3 to take advantage of these 3D functions and a pair of stereoscopic glasses (similar to the ones they give in the cinema,not the red and blue tinted ones!). There are many rumours across the internet that all HDTVs will support this but lets wait and see whats in store.

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