For our 10th birthday, help us support the island’s raw talent

At the time of posting this, will have been online for 10 whole years. We know how time flies, right!?

When the domain was registered, nobody had a clue that over the next 10 years the site would become involved with not only promoting new events but also pioneering new technology; highlighting new local venues; supporting awesome charities; interviewing brilliant artists; covering heart-breaking news and so so so much more.

We’d like to take a second to thank you all for your support, feedback and input you’ve given us over the years, and for the great kindness you’ve shared with each other during our island’s most trying times.

Moving forward we’ll be exploring ways of opening up, and it’s international reach, to even more of our island’s talented communities. So…

If you know a great local band, seen someone doodle like a champ, heard someone sing like an angel, bought some awesome locally-made products or can recommend someone who cooks up a storm, get in touch and tell us about it (or via email if you prefer). We’d love to spread the word about the people who make life OnThisIsland a little bit more amazing for the people around them.

The illustration on this piece is by the lovely Andria.

Once again, thank you all so very much for being a part of the story. Help us pass on the love by recommending someone that has brought light to your life through their raw talent.

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