Turkish Actor Confesses to Crimes in Cyprus

I killed 10 people. The first one I killed, was a 19 year old captive prisoner“, confessed the well-known Turkish actor, Atila Olgkats, speaking to the Turkish channel called “Star”, about his participation in the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

cyprus_missingAccording to him, when the advance began, his military service was due to end in one day, but his unit was transfered from Mersina to Cyprus.

He states that he did not want to kill saying, “I told my superior that I am an artist and that I can’t kill. Art ends here, here real life starts, war. I Gave you an order and you will kill, he said to me.”

“The first one I killed, was a 19 year old captive prisoner. When I pointed the gun towards him, he spat at me. I shot him in the forehead and he died. After that, I killed another 9. And since I had killed them, I went to the headquarter and cried, but the next day killed again. This images are not likely to stop haunting my dreams. I went to psychological therapy for ages. And due to this reason, can I still not eat meat, I can’t see blood, because I automatically remember the kids I’d killed.”

The actor said that this is the first time he is revealing this truth: ” This war affected me for a long time even in my profession. I couldn’t do anything. To this very day I still remember my superior saying to me, you think you will always be killing on a stage? Take the gun and kill someone in reality, you will see how it really is.”

Source : Zoungla.gr

Update : Many believe that the actor was only suggesting this as a ‘movie scenario’. What do you think? Pretty horricific if he was.

Update 2 : Atila tries to retract his statement!

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  • please note this is rumoured to be a publicity stunt. we are just reporting what we read.

  • Well, even if this article is a hoax, the historical facts remain to be true…

    “turkish brutalities”
    http://www.google.com.gr/search?hl=en&q … gle+Search

    “resolution against turkey”
    http://www.google.com.gr/search?q=%22re … rt=10&sa=N

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  • nondas

    The recent confession of the Turkish Attila Olgac who confessed that he Killed under the order of his Turkey’s officer ten Greek Cypriots , (and retracted his story propably after pressure from Turkey’s autorities)is indeed a true story how Turkey manages to geet away with the brutal acts of war and genocide it committed against the Millions of Armenians and Greeks in Asia minor since 1453 the fall of Konstandinoupole.
    It is sad that Turkey wants to put EU reformsand harmonization in the back burner and to allow Turkey which signed the EU protocol so Turkey will have an eazy time with accession talks . Mr Ertogan has to realize that Turkey is occupying 37% of The Republic of Cyprus illegally and contrary to resolutions of the UN security counciland in violation of EU and international law. Turkey uprooted 200,000 Greek Cypriots and the Attila army of occupation did not leave not even one cross standing in the thouands of cemetaries and looted more than 550 Greek Christian Churches and ancient temples and destroeyed the Greek Cultural herritageTurkey’s Attila army stole icons and vandalized ancient temples and committed geniocide against the Greek Cypriots. The confession Attila Olgac Turkish actor who served in the Turkish amy in Cyprus in 1974 and killed ten Greek Cypriots is a testimony and the tip of the iceberg of the atrocities and cold blood murders committed by Turkeys’s Attila army. Turkey can not continue to have accession talks with EU, unless Turkey Attila gets out of Cyprus and Turkey stops to occupy 37% of EU Cyprus’s soil. Turkey also must give to the Kurdish twenty million “minority “a similar plan like the2004 Koffi Annan plan which Turkey accusses the Greek Cypriots for rejecting such a monstrocity plan. In reality the Koffi Annan plan was rejected by 76% of the Greek Cypriots and 35 % of the Turkish Cypriots rejected the plan also ,therefore the majority of the Cypriot population rejected the Koffi Annan Dysfunctional, unfair, unjust plan. Turkey is in no position to blackmail EU because the 3,,300Km gas pipe line passing through Turkey,from Caspian will sove Turkey’s black Human rights record ,nor will it make go away the Armenian genocide against the Amenian by the Tueks in 1915 or th smyrna and pontous genocide of the Greeks by the Turks. Turkey can only enter EU if Turkey abandons its own Ottoman Epmire thinking and goes ahead cleaned by accepting the facts that It committed Genocideand uprooting millions against the Armenians 1915 ,Greeks 1453// 1922,1955, and Cyprus in 1974. The relatives of the 1,600 Greek Cypriots who were P.O.W and are missing since the atrocious Turkey’S 1974 invasion of EU Cyprus have aright to procecute Turkey and the war criminal actorAttila Olgac about the crimes he confessed he committed against ten Greek Cypriots.Mr Christofias must stop talking to Talat until Turkey aknowlages the fade of the greek Cypriot missing and untill Turkey’s Alliensand the Attila army of occupation gets out of EU Cyprus.

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