Tornado in Larnaka?

Tornado in Cyprus?OK, now this is just strange, several of my friends in Larnaka are reporting a hurricane, yet other from the same region are saying they just experienced a bit of rain for a few minutes.

Larnaka, what is going on down there?!

As I am not currently in Cyprus, I’m looking to you our readers to let us know what is going on down there right now.

If this is true, it’ll be the second tornado in Cyprus this year, with another one ripping through Larnaka again on the 26th of March 2009.

What is going on!?

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  • Aristia

    lol tornado? well that’s something we don’t get very often in cy! bit cloudy in limassol but it’s still blazing hot! :S looking forward to a cooler temperature for a change…

    • this is what confuses me so much… people are talking about it, but others didnt notice a thing.. anything on the local news, online our news services aint great, except us of course :p

  • damn it was a lot more serious than i thought. 11 people injured roofs been torn, cars and buildings damaged.
    hope no serious injuries.

  • b3nl035w1ck

    I was in Nicosia when it happened and my car was shaking like crazy and all the dust managed to get IN the car and I was pissed cause I just cleaned it the other day (which didn’t happen in over a year) haha. All this plastic shit flying (buckets, pots…)and you can’t see anything and breathing dust! Yuck! and the hail was heavy too!

    and then I heard from my friends there that there were over 17 injured and roofs flying off and trees being uprooted as well as wrecked cars!

    Also my family back home called cause they saw on the news that the tornado was here and it moved to spain! :S I’m a bit confused by that but whatever!

    It’s also strange how it happened inland and not along the coast as it usually does with twisters!

  • b3nl035w1ck

    I think it just depends what region people are in. When the first earthquake happened, I phoned some friends up and they didn’t notice a thing! It was strong for me but I guess where they were at it wasn’t around or weak!