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In a new weekly series I will be providing you with information on gaming events, interesting articles, videos and my views on games I am currently playing. This series will complement the Game releases posts which are sometimes handicapped by the quality and quantity of what is being released. If any of you out there stumble upon any stuff you find exciting feel free to email me ([email protected]) and I will try to post them in future Professional Gamer posts.


Starting off this first post are three videos on Halo. You can say what you like about the quality of the Halo series but the Halo fan community is one of the most loyal and creative groups out there. If you like Red Hot Chili Peppers you will love the first one, Halo ((All I Play-Oh)) . The next video can be true of any multiplayer game, The Clan . If your gaming affects your relationship, then you can always Blame Halo 3!

Finally two non-gaming videos which are worthy of your attention. A fantastic promotional video for the Asics shoes brand (Link) and a video on how dolphins make their bubbles! (Link).

News & Articles

During last month’s Games Developer Conference (GDC) held in San Francisco, the OnLive service was demonstrated to a shocked live audience. The service allows the streaming of high end PC Games, like Chrysis, without using the end users’ PC hardware. Just a small box next to the monitor or TV. All the computing is handled and controlled by servers to which users connect. The only limitation to resolution will be Internet connection speed. This is where the skeptics of OnLive come in who believe that the infrastructure to handle all this is just not there. Eurogamer has an excellent article on Why OnLive Can’t Possibly Work. If it succeeds however it could be a Game Changer. EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Atari, Eidos, Codemasters, THQ and Warner Bros. have all pledged support for OnLive. The service is promised to be available this year.

The worldwide release date for COD4: Modern Warfare 2 is now officially November 10th of 2009. Infinity Ward, the developers of the game, unveiled their first teaser trailer at the GDC. Usually we just click on play, sit back and take trailer in. Then we might on occasion discuss it with some friends if at all. That’s it. I think the only trailer i discussed with anyone was for Killzone 2 about 4-5 years ago. I just don’t care that much about trailers. But it seems a lot of gamers of do. MTV Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo recounts his experience with watching the reactions of the Infinity Ward team while reading the angry online comments on the trailer just after it was released to the public.  “Since I was holding the laptop, I was the one reading the comments aloud. It began to feel awkward.” Read the whole story here.

Currently playing….

…..Resident Evil 5 co-op online with a friend of mine. This game is not scary so if you are looking for some kind of horror experience like Silent Hill or Siren this is not the game for you. However, it is extremely tense. The limited ammo, the great number of zombies you have to face and the controls all add to the tension. Plus you really need to co-ordinate your actions with your teammate. He has saved my a** countless of times and vice versa. One will be shouting “RE! ELA VOITHA ME!” (translation-“HELP ME!) and the other one yelling “POU EISAI GMT?” (translation-“WHERE THE F*** ARE YOU?”) and for the next few frantic seconds adrenaline is at a high. The game constantly switches from the slow and peaceful exploration of the area to the hectic reloading, exchanging ammo and healing in the heat of battle. Resident Evil 5 is a true survival game and is superb in co-op so far. If only that damn PS3 headset stopped causing my ear to go numb……..

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the first Professional Gamer post. I wish you all Kalh Anastash and take it easy on the souvla and beer on Sunday.

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Costas Taliadoros is an accountant by profession but a gamer at heart. He was born in Nicosia in 1977 and was raised by Donkey Kong. At a very young age he started piloting F-15 Strike Eagles over the Iraqi and Libyan deserts and has also seen action in an M1 Ambraams tank somewhere in Eastern Europe fighting against the Soviets. As the years went by, he was integrated into Civilization until he finally conquered the world and sent the first human mission to Alpha Centauri. He graduated from the International Superstar Soccer academy and moved back to Cyprus to start his career. In this dark period of his life he fought and swore against 3 more Master Chiefs on a 4-way split-screen all day and night. It was around this period that he also started traveling to Live in many places around the world but mostly the USA. There, he met a lot of young American teenagers who were willing to discuss topics like his mother and the colour of his skin in great detail. It only strengthened his belief that he still has a lot to learn in this life. Nowadays Costas can be found on a couch playing games with friends and foes, with beer in close proximity. He is just a non-professional “writer” who loves games, books, comics, football, and running. He is also writing in the video-game site he co-founded,, and on his personal blog,