Now offering Ticketing, Table Reservations, a free iPad Mini* and much much more!

We’ve been offering event marketing and free promotion since day 1 on April 5th 2005, and since then we’ve sold some tickets, helped our readers get tables or VIP passes, run online competitions and challenges and even interviewed some world-class artists over the years.

It’s obvious that we were looking into the event ticketing space, but kept being held back. From financial limitations to feature limitations, we sifted through hundreds of solutions over the years, knowing that we (with the advice of the spectacular roster of talented consultants who’ve worked with ektagon) would find something that doesn’t just work.

We were on the search for a system that was usable by any club manager or event promoter.

We were on the search for something expansive, allowing different events to use it differently.

We were on the search for something classy yet affordable for anyone anywhere throwing a party.

And what we found… oh wow… what we found… it blew us away!

Introducing GateMe Pro!

To name a few of the many features of this service off the top of our heads, let’s see…

  • Sell table reservations on top of customisable floorplans.
  • Sell tickets online within 5 minutes.
  • Viral ticketing promotions built-in.
  • Host/Doorstaff can instantly see the latest guestlist,ticket and table reservation information from the palm of their hand.
  • Live Event Statistics directly from your door to your web browser or mobile phone.
  • You may even be able to grab one of the free iPad minis* if you get in touch today!
  • The technical support of OnThisIsland to get setup and make sure things keep flowing.
  • A spectacular exclusive price for joining through OTI.

We couldn’t never do all the functionality this beautiful service has to offer justice in one single post, and so we will discover more and more of them each week in a new section called ‘Reinventing Cyprus Nightlife’, and exploring why now is the perfect time to upgrade the nightlife industry with and GateMe Pro.

To request a demo, simply fill in the form below.

* Free iPad Mini comes with a year subscription to GateMe paid in advance. Whilst stocks last.

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