And so it begins!

Welcome to the all new!

We have brought in authors and works from across the island to start off what we hope to become a global forum from which authors and contributers will be able to get their ideas, opinions and media onto the net, without any previous knowledge of web-design, programming or search engine optimization.

This service will provide…

FREE OF CHARGE, as always, giving a fair opportunity to our authors to get their word out there!

What is to be expected by visitors in the near future :

  • News and commentary on a wide range of topics from Fashion to Sport to the latest PC Virus Alerts.
  • A section for random/funny/strange videos and or pictures our editors find around the web.
  • The event calendar which started in the beginning will be returning.
  • Much much more…

If you would like a collumn or spot writing for please feel free to contact me at hector-at-onthisisland-dot-com

And thank you to all the authors who have showed interest in writing for us. Have a look around and please give me your comments.


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