Rumour: A 150km bridge between Cyprus and Lebanon

cybrigdeWe’ve seen reports on the internet today of a US firm’s proposal to build a bridge between Cyprus and Beirut, spanning 150km that would take motorists around 80 mins to pass over.

We like the idea, but it runs into some minor problems, ideally that it’s around 176km from Kavo Greko to Manara, Beirut (and 169.97km to Tripoli).

Guess that means they want us to swim the other 10ish kilometers? Challenge accepted, you grab the maps, I’ll grab the car!

Edit: From what we’ve read there will be a fee to use the bridge, and after 10 years it will become the join-possession of both Governments.

Edit 2: Some have said that we shouldn’t have measured from Kavo Greko, but instead between the points they said…

So… erm… here that is:

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 13.37.02

What do you think? Fib or truth? Let us know in the comments?