Race Off – Adidas & Samsung vs. Nike & Apple

Adidas and Nike have taken personal training to an entire new level, with the Samsung Adidas miCoach F100 and the Nike+.

Both of these gadgets aim at integrating mp3 players with their respective trainers, the miCoach F100 software is only available on the F100 mobile phone and, with both a foot sensor and heart-rate monitor, claims to be the most advanced training system of its kind. It works with a bluetooth heart rate monitor and a Stride Sensor, users go to micoach.com and set their goals and their fitness regime is calculated they strap on their heart monitor and stick the sensor in their laces and their good to go. The phone tracks progress and barks orders either to speed up, slow down, sprint etc.

The Nike+ system works by sticking the sensor in your Nike+ trainer and the transmitter into your iPod nano and the Nike+ menu pops up, Choose a time, distance, number of calories to burn and get running! The sensors do the math and a voice keeps you updated with your progress, in a similar way to the miCoach, this however would be the more expensive option since it only works with Nike+ trainers and only works with iPod nano’s, so if you dont own a nano then the Nike+ system would be no good to you.


Both are, broadly speaking, the same idea: a motivating running aide that collects stats from your runs and spurs you on with voice feedback and the ability to sync to a website. But while there’s an obvious difference between the two – Nike+ works only via an iPod Nano and Samsung miCoach via the new F110 mobile.

Nike+ and miCoach are both great running buddies, and deciding which one’s best for you comes down to a few questions. Do you hate the idea of having a personal trainer, use iTunes and would rather use a Nano than a new phone? Then Nike+ is for you. If, on the other hand, you want the most advanced training system, like lots of voice feedback and prefer using Windows Media Player, miCoach is a better bet.

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