FuAmo steak house review (Limassol)

Address: 38 Souliou, 3016, Limassol
Telephone: 7000 64 65
Schedule: kitchen open every day from 12:30 – 15:30 and 19:00 – 23:00, closed for lunch on Saturday and Sunday for the summer Parking: anywhere you can find…
Website: www.fuamosteakhouse.com check out the online reservation system!
e-Mail: [email protected] can request special dishes via email!

A little grammar. FuAmo, according to the head chef of the steakhouse, comes from the Italian word ‘amo’ which means ‘love’ and from the word ‘fu’ which they have interpreted as ‘the extra effort needed to excel’. Hence, FuAmo is the passion to strive to excel and pushing yourself that extra mile to reach your desired destination.
A little history. Three partners – and friends!, decided to fuse their love for food and their expertise in management and open up this Steakhouse, serving only Argentinean Prime Beef Steaks aged to perfection, as well as chicken, duck, pork and seafood of top-notch quality, accompanied by carefully selected local and imported white, rose and red wines stored in the restaurant’s wine cellar. Two of them have studied the art of cooking awesome food, one of them now becoming the head chef of the steakhouse and the other one becoming the head waiter specialising in wine tasting. The third, but not least of the lot, is the one whose management tips have put this whole business into the market. (note on photo: head chef on the left, head waiter in the middle, another waiter on the right)

The friendly atmosphere blended well with the smile of the waiters who escorted us to our table. For a change, waiters who knew that a smile is really free and costs nothing to wear on their faces! Browsing through the menu I faced a large repertoire of exotic dishes, abstract combinations of flavours and prices which worried me only slightly. I was eager to try the fusion salad which cautiously blended the sweetness of pineapple and orange with the bitterness of spinach and other leafy vegetables, finishing off with roasted duck fillets and a lovely creamy sauce on top. Then, the heavenly vegetable tart came along. Probably the best tart you’ll ever taste. Homemade crunchy but soft base with a creamy layer of soft goat’s cheese, topped with grilled tasty vegetables, served with a side salad and garnished with balsamic vinegar. Mmmm…! Lost in translation.

Then a triangular plate with a very stylish food decoration carried my top quality, 200 g steak cooked perfectly, not more than medium – as suggested by the chef – smothered with goat’s cheese, basil and chive sauce. An out-of-the-ordinary jacket potato with a tasty mash potato filling and melted cheese on top, a handful of plain mash potato and some more grilled coloured vegetables completed the pyramid of the plate. I couldn’t even finish it, but it was damn mouth watering! The other main dish was comprised of similar ingredients, with the only difference being the Foie Gras – duck liver – which accompanied the juicy steak.

By that point we were full up to our ears, but we just needed to complete the whole taste experience and finish off with a light banana dessert. The friendly waiter offered us some dessert wine to go along with it, but we already had enough wine with the food…and you know how the alcohol test works and how the officer really doesn’t care what you have to say. Back to the dessert. The bananas were cooked with some orange liqueur and nicely placed on a soft patisserie base, served with strawberries on the side and some cream, decorated with caramel sauce. All the flavours blended nicely in my mouth and just by thinking about it now, makes my tummy complain.

My slight worries over the prices quickly faded away (the glass of rose wine had nothing to do with it, I swear!) after I evaluated the quantity and quality of each dish, which believe me, was outstanding. It’s one of those good quality restaurants which work with a small percentage of diners, but those few, know that quality is more than quantity and like to take care of their taste buds. I dare you to do the same.

“The more you eat, the less flavour; the less you eat, the more flavour” – Chinese Proverb


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