Emma Hewitt chats with Hector about Cyprus and lets out a ‘secret’…

During the Cosmic Gate, Wippenberg and Emma Hewitt concert at Makronissos in Ayia Napa on the 9th of July 2011, I was introduced to arguably the biggest vocalist in the EDM scene, by the ‘only’ sober person at the party. After a quick chat, we agreed to meet up to chat more the next day.

After a hectic night, and many many epic tunes, I had the chance to have a VERY INFORMAL interview with the lovely Emma Hewitt at the poolside at her hotel.

We also asked you to what you would like to ask her, and we shot some of your questions at her.

Check out the video for information about what Emma thought of her performance in Cyprus, and what she has coming for us in the future.

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