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  • Race Off – Adidas & Samsung vs. Nike & Apple

    Adidas and Nike have taken personal training to an entire new level, with the Samsung Adidas miCoach F100 and the Nike+.

    Both of these gadgets aim at integrating mp3 players with their respective trainers, the miCoach F100 software is only available on the F100 mobile phone and, with both a foot sensor and heart-rate monitor, claims to be the most advanced training system of its kind.

  • Global Gathering, David Guetta!

    That’s right people, after a few hours surfing the internet I managed to find David Guetta’s full first hour mix at Global Gathering! For those of you who haven’t heard about Global Gathering its probably one of the most amazing concerts of the year, it was held this year at Long Marston Airfield in the U.K., headlining acts included Basement Jaxx, Faithless and Paul Van Dyke.


    Download Removed

    The Track List is as follows:

  • The 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards

    Many of you people may have not heard of these awards, and those of you who have and managed to watch them will agree with me that they where the most breathtaking award ceremonies this year! Hosted by non other than The Rock himself! Among the A-list stars attending the ceremony was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Burt Reynolds who received the lifetime achievement award, Eric Estrada , Jessica Alba, Harrison Ford, Will Ferrell and many more!

  • First Movie Review for!!

    Alright people, summer has been great so far, with many amazing action packed, thrillers and animated movies being released! The most notable release of this summer has to be Transformers, director Micheal Bay had to be born to direct Transformers as many Box Office reviews have noticed, with the “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Island”, “Bad Boys II” and “The Amtyville Horror” under his belt he has proven to the world that a stunt packed movie filled with as much action as Transformers will be no problem for him. Even Stevens star and 21 year old actor Shia LaBeouf also starring in this movie has another 2 box office hits this summer, including “Disturbia” and “Surfs Up” in which he lends his voice to penguin Cody Maverick.