Yves LaRock answers some questions

Ahead of Yves LaRock’s performance at Breeze (Limassol) on the 16th of June 2010, we fired a few questions at the legend of house music.

[audio:http://onthisisland.com/yveslarock.mp3,http://onthisisland.com/1.mp3|autostart=yes|titles=Yves LaRock Greeting, Yves LaRock – Dont Turn Back (Club Remix)]

This isn’t the first time you will perform in Cyprus is it? Have you heard much about the clubbing scene here, and if so, from who? Good things we hope!

I’ve actually played Cyprus last year in April and I had a great gig here. We constantly hear great things about clubbing in Cyprus from our friends and it was a no-brainer to return. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself there last time and the crowd were very special! 🙂

You will be performing at Breeze Bar down in Limassol. Do you personally prefer open-air venues like this one or traditional club like environments?

The two key things that make these places are the crowd and the weather. For sure the open-air venues have something special about them. Having played so often in a closed environment, working under the stars has a terrific summer vibe to it and I will endeavor to push this into my set.

So about this event, what kind of set can the event attendees expect?

Definitely along the House Music lines! As I never prepare any sets, I like to get the crowd comfortable and test the water. I’ll always go with the flow and drop something special when the time suits! At the event itself, Jaba (An old friend and vocalist for Rise Up!) will perform a “live PA” for 35 minutes probably in the middle of my DJ set. After that I will probably opt for a bit of a tougher electro and more progressive sound. Again, the crowd will dictate!

All across Cyprus, young DJs are springing up showing quite a bit of natural talent. What could you suggest to them if they intend to start releasing chart-toppers, like you have several times?

Wow! Always a tough one to answer essentially because I feel there is only one secret: work, work and more work. It may sound simple, however nothing gets done without it. As a studioholic (when I am not playing) I produce from dusk till dawn every day. Talent is important but experience and some luck might be even more. Just get your head down into some books and try new things out and you’ll reap the rewards.

With the mixing of many genres from several other artists, what is your opinion on what Electronic Dance Music is evolving into?

Generally, I think it will start pushing vocals again, you can already see this happening a lot recently. Loads of old samples and tunes have had the modernized remix treatment. Whether it’s a good thing or not remains to be seen!! One thing’s for sure, it will help it to crossover and become mainstream and therefore feature in our media more. Luckily the ‘underground’ has and always will belong to those special venues and continue evolving, breathing new life into future fashions.

On a personal note, what is most important to you when playing a gig or on tour?

Obviously to make it as much fun as possible! This is what honestly matters to me most. I want to see people dancing their everyday troubles away and hoping they will always reflect on the evening with a memorable warmth.

If you could play a perfect gig, which 5 performers would you choose to play with you on the night? Why so?

This is tough one; I won’t name anybody, as I believe sometimes only the crowd can give kudos to a DJ/Musician on the night let alone 5!! It just depends whether it’s their night or not. I think this is the hardest thing for any musician to keep up personally!

So there you have it, honest and open answers from Yves LaRock. Be sure to head down to the event for a night of great sounds.

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