Your Thoughts on AvB Concert

vanbuurenWell after a short recovery and many many showers we want to know what you thought of the night.

Armin had this to say on his personal Twitter account (here) :
Amazing gig in Cyprus!Little too crazy perhaps as firemarshall cut my set 30 mins short but whatever.Still amazing! Tunes of the night in Cyprus: nothing at all mashup, unforgivable, symfo, rain mash up, tuvan, brace yourself & betelgeuse

Be honest about what you liked, disliked and anything else you want to say as I can guarantee that the organisers are readers of OnThisIsland and will see your opinions.

Our photo’s of the night will go online shortly.

  • as im not such a big fan of trance, and attended, i think i can clearly say i will be listening to most of those songs constantly for a long time to come! it was AMAZING!

    the event only had one major problem, which was the air conditioning was’nt strong enough and it was way too packed which had an affect of me having at least 3 showers in my own sweat if not with other peoples sweat too.

    other than that… it was the best nite ive had this summer!

  • It was such a memorable night and it was so amazing! but with 5000 sweaty people rubbing against you sort of killed it.. next time they should bring an artist to an open area so people wont have to keep pushing to go outside for fresh air and faint from the heat.

  • the music was amazing, definately best event of summer 09. But the event should have taken place on a stadium or something like Tiesto last year, preferably under open air. It was WAAAAAYYYY too hot, no air conditioning, swine breath everywhere and sweat all over you… very unhygienic..

  • in all honesty, i have always stuck to my belief that ‘if you’re not sweating, you aint raving, go home!’ but the venue didnt give the option not to sweat to any1, except maybe the 50ish ppl in VIP with fans…

    all in all, Armin was an amazing performer and dropped what we wanted to hear, while being removed from his set by the fire dept. As for DJ Remy, he was absolutely awesome, got us all going a begging for more, wet or not we were jumping.

    I do feel bad for Micheal Angelo tho, who if i remember correctly was the closing DJ who was underappreciated due to the utter heat and exhaustion of the crowd.

    theres my 2c.

  • christose

    once upon a time for me was tiesto the number one but last night i changed my mind for sure! it was ABSOLUTELY ARRRRRRRM..MAZING 🙂

  • I like Armin. But his concert in Pavilion a few years ago was organized much better. The same as Tiesto in the Cyprus State Fair Grounds. Monte Caputo is not the right place for such events IMHO. There was too many people and too hot (physically :)). I’m very disappointed that event because of that.

  • Immenssseee night!! what a sauna though

  • GREAT NIGHT! Needless to say Armin is a genious, the music was excellent, very good sound but I agree with the rest. If a place can fit 2000 people, it’s..erm…not very clever to staff it 5000. TOO HOT! Open air party is the best solution.

  • honestly people passing out is not ok. i couldnt enjoy it at all and im realy upset cuz i LOVE armin and was looking forward to it for ages…i know if i stayed inside though i would of been carried out by my hands and legs like too many other ppl i saw…


  • it was amazing and i agree with all of the above,armin van buuren looked really good too 🙂

    • looks like he has a new groupie :p

      • haha i always fall for them lol,just for a day lol

      • but really from up close (coz i saw him outside as soon as he arived)he s much better lookin from what he seems on pics!:)

        • i dont really swing that way, but if u say so :p

  • Mia

    ahhhhhh really good night! but yeah next time should be outside on a beach or something cause of the heat!! 🙂

    simple :]
    EASSSILY the best event of summer ’09!

    Okaaay. So, yes i do agree it was slightly annoying at times being hot n wet n abit stickyyy. But really, if thats how you felt… get over it people! 😛 thats what its all about! hahaa raves are NOT supposed to be about being neat and tidy! its about going crazy n not giving a shit! So if by the end of the night you did not feel absolutely soaking – due to a mixture of sweat and water being thrown around – Slightly fragile – after having no energy left whatsoever – and Having no voice, or at least sounding abit ‘crispy’ – from screaming for more – then unfortunately… you dont know how to enjoy a damn good rave :]
    Armin is amazing, the other DJs were also great, and they successfully had the crowd hyped all night/morning long.
    All in all, it was an insanely memorable night, definately not one to be missed.

    • well said. as i said before…

      GO HOME!


      • i agree! there were some rood people too starin coz u spilt a bit of drink on them as if u were the only one creatin all that lol,i definetly had a smashin time :)will wake with a smile for a few days haha,

        • there were, i had people walking in to me so that i definately spill my water over them… so much that at one point i drank half of it, poured the other half on my head and got back to raving hard :p

  • the best dj in the world had unfortunately performed in a crap venue. the organisers would have done us all a favour had the organised the whole thing in th e top parking of monte caputo. i trully feel that the whole event would have benefited by an open environment rather than be held in a sauna!

  • Having waited months for this event Armin did not disappoint .. he was amazing, awesome, without doubt the #1 .. and Dj Remy did a brilliant warm up 4 us!
    I love raves, love trance, love dancing like crazy and i don’t mind sweating buckets but the venue for that number of ppl was a disaster which marred the event for hundreds of us … esp all those who were taken away in ambulances due to severe dehydration or heat stroke. I drink gallons of water at these events but 6 euros a small bottle it cost a fortune!
    Yes … Pavillion event in Nicosia a few years ago was much better organised .. but why not an open venue for these things? It’s not like the uk where ur worried about it being rained off! Cyprus is finally bringing in the top dj’s for the thousands of house/trance fans here .. just get the organisation better please!

  • —simply amazing—
    sweat?? what is this sweat you are all on about!! probably every one lost at least 3kg but the experience that night is ” unforgettable ” lets hope that paul van dyk rocks us just like that perfect night!! lucky for you guys its in a bigger place! spyros kyprianou ;p i guess you wont have so many problems about the sweat as much! but one thing is for sure!! armin does know how to turn a person to total loss!