Yo Phuzzle lets you send photos with a twist

A new app developed and launched from Cyprus is taking small screens by storm. In a world of auto-deleting images with Snapchat and artistic filters in Instagram, Yo! Phuzzle steps up to add a funky twist to the photo sharing experience.

The app (for both Android and iPhone) allows you to snap a photo, select a difficulty and then blast it over to your friend, who will only be able to keep the photo if they solve the puzzle and unlock it.

Got a bunch of puzzle crazy friends or really want your significant other(s)* to work hard for that photo? You can adjust the difficulty and even choose which blocks are hidden.

Apart from just being a quirky photo sending app, you can also play Phuzzle Battles or attempt the Phuzzle of the Week for extra YOs. (There is even a Do It Yourself mode for those who can’t get enough of the puzzle-solving action)

At time of writing, over 10,000 Phuzzles have been sent, so grab your copy and get solving.

*OnThisIsland.com can not guarantee that photos are always transmitted securely, so please try keep it decent and fun.

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