Win Tickets for Cosmic Gate in Nicosia


This competition is simple really…

In order to win 2 tickets to see Cosmic Gate at Versus in Nicosia on the 18th of September, simply drop a comment below, using your facebook account, telling us your favourite Cosmic Gate song.

The system will ask you to share your comment on your profile, PLEASE ALLOW IT, so we can keep growing, and bringing you even more competitions.

The winners will be contacted via facebook on the 13th of September.

Good luck! 🙂

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  • The waaaaveee 🙂

  • Not enough time 😉

  • both good choices!

  • Exploration of Space

  • indeed there is not enough time

  • Exploration of Space!!!

  • not enough time! 🙂

  • Not enough time! and their remix of avb – rain is AMAZING!

  • Fire wire 🙂 <3
    Old school… :p

  • analog feel

  • not enough time!
    i can’t waiit 🙂

  • Dr. George

    cosmic gate – not enough time
    i’ll see u all there 🙂 🙂

  • The waveeeeeeeee !!! 🙂

  • not enough time!!!!! just amazing

  • cosmic gate – flatline

  • not enough time!! love it..

  • should have known!

  • tonia

    ””””””””””””””””””””Should’ve Known”””””””””””””””””””’

  • lalala

  • Body of conflict!
    club mix does it =)

  • Constantinos King

    With their wicked words they’ll try to hold you down
    No this is not our fate; the lives in which they are bound
    And there is something more we know it has to be found
    I know the world won’t wait, the tide is turning around…

    And there’s not enough time…

  • music is lifeeeee

  • there is not enought time guys!!!! xxx

  • Not enough time…. tooo goooood

  • The list of competitors was arranged in random order, and one of them chosen. The winner of the two FREE tickets to see Cosmic Gate in Nicosia is Andy Loizou. Congratulations!