Who would YOU like to see in Cyprus?

oti-logoAfter a telephone discussion with Moonlight Endless productions, we’ve decided to ask you, our readers, who you would love to see perform here in Cyprus.

Go wild, ask your friends, tell us in a comment below, and you never know, next summer we may just announce that YOUR favourite artist could be performing in Cyprus.

Be it RnB, EDM, Rock, Jazz, Alternative or any other genre, even Britney, let us know.

Just to give more backing to our curiosity, we know that Moonlight Endless productions (the people behind, Van Dyke, Van Buuren, Alice Cooper, TIESTO and many other massive concerts in Cyprus) and many other production companies do indeed read our magazine, so honestly… you never know!

Drop a comment below, if you have trouble doing so, contact us using the link at the top of the page.

  • AKON
    Britney Spears

  • personally i’d like to see Rihanna, guess why! :p

    • why?

      • i think any straight guy with internet or mtv doesnt need to ask that, plus i’d love to interview her :p

  • Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Deep Dish

    bring them on!!!

  • Im sure in Cyprus theres lots of hiden fans of THE PRODIGY them are LEGENDS!!wud be amazing to see them here,its gonna be MMMMMMAD party!! Come on ppl,thats wot u growed up on!!!

  • METALLICA!!! Dream Theater, Pink Floyd (hardly possible), Def Leppard (not impossible considering WhiteSnake came to Cyprus) and list could go on πŸ™‚

  • Nine Inch Nails!!!!

  • David Guetta & Fonzerelli

  • white stripes
    billy talent
    rx bandits
    coheed and cambria
    jimy eat world
    the cardigans

    i think i am asking 4 too much, lol

    • ask and you shall receive.
      id love to see muse too, but i dont think there is a big enough following in cyp πŸ™

      • Cardigans? I thought they’d stopped making music.

      • i know that what i am asking is impossible for the most of the bands, but i was hoping that some of the bands would come as support for a bigger name, my favourites are 65daysofstatic and i would like to see hella because they are brilliant performers but i think its impossible for the time being, i think though it would be nice if big names like muse, placebo white stripes could come to cyprus, and i would like to add a few more. Two of them are probably known and liked by at least the young alternative and rock funs even hear in cyprus (the young crowd though, i wouldn’t expect older people to know them)

        1) 30 seconds to mars
        2) Mars Volta
        3) Flobots

  • SPINNERETTE!!!!!!!!!



    REEL BIG FISH!!!!!!!!!



    And if u can bring back to life SUBLIME or NIRVANA pls hahaha

  • Teoman Adacan

    I would like to see not only Metalllica, Steve Vai,G3,Ensiferum, Lamb Of God, Orphaned Land, Slipknot, Within Temptation,Amon Amarth and also especially Children Of Bodom!!!! thank u !!!

    DJ EZ
    Mr Virgo etc.


  • madonna or beyonce!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  • Nickelback!!! πŸ™‚


  • Scooter, DJ Aligator and Cascada! Benassi if possible :p

  • peter

    IRON MAIDEN please!

  • i think the only 1 tht can create the fuss that van buuren did is david guetta

    • i agree! would love to see guetta in cyprus!

  • talianos

    defenetly gotta be guetta bro…DEFENETLY with lmfao

  • Snow Patrol and David Guetta!

  • Eskimo!

  • Thanks To All,
    In that given chance to all of us to say words….
    So please consider ‘DEPECHE MODE’,PINK FLOYD’and the last goes to ‘phil collins’
    wowwwwwwwww,HOPE PERFORMS SOON