Who makes the best Souvlakia (Kebabs)?!

souvlakiSome of the OnThisIsland.com sales team were sitting around today waiting for our lunch to be delivered, when the thought struck us, WHO DOES ACTUALLY MAKE THE BEST SOUVLAKIA IN CYPRUS?! (Also known as Kebabs to many.)

We discussed this all through our meal until we got fed up and decided to ask you, the public, our readers, where do you think makes the best souvlakia on this island!?

Just to spice things up…Β if you tell us, and have connected OTI to your facebook account, you stand in line to win a souvlaki from your choice, on us!

(Please note that we will give it to a random user who has commented and meets the requirements)

What do you think!? Everyone has an opinion on this! Share it with us!

  • peter

    for souvlakia my vote goes to the steki tou kalamara

    and for gyro its got to be Sams food.

    mmmm im hungry now

  • Aristia

    I would say Buccaneer Pub in Erimi :p Guaranteed πŸ˜€
    Big plates, great taste πŸ˜€
    Why did u bring this up now re? Are y trying to break my fast?

    • interesting, i believe ive heard of that before…

      and hey, we’re just curious :p stay strong! πŸ™‚

  • Aristia

    Hehe I will! Lets here some more spots to visit during the summer!! Avlogiros? souvlaki tis loxantras? those r nice innit? πŸ™‚


    Now that is a very good question guys who does?

    Well what can I say Cyprus once was known for it wonderful healthy and fresh food.
    I can go on for every on this topic but let just sick to Slovakia (kebabs) for sort.

    Back in the good old days you could get a mix kebab for about 1.50 CY pounds the pork meat was big and so fresh and soft and it melted in you mouth the sieftalia to had a lovely taste to them plus some places you got 3 paces.
    The salad was freshly cut you got chunks of tomatoes, cucumber, letters, onions and cabbage you even got a piece a lemon too in side you mix kebab.
    The Pita bread was big soft and always hot.
    You had a 1 kebab and it filled you all day.

    But that was then and this is now.

    What you get knower days is small pita bread that is so hard sometimes you can throw it at a window and the window will smash, the pork meat is so tiny it only takes 2-3 min to cook and then you are chewing & biting on it for ever and still can not swallow the meat.
    The sieftalia has no falvor to them.
    The salad well you can count the piece of tomatoes if you’re lucky the cucumbers are cut thin you get some onions and the rest is filled with just dry cabbage
    And don’t even ask for a piece you only get given bottle lemon.
    Plus you pay now about 7-8 Euros

    But any if I was to go for a kebab it would have to be lefteris at lest there kebabs are big in size a shame they had to close the shop down in the tourist area next to starbucks,

    I hope you guys had a good lunch break. By the way what did you guys have in the end?
    Pizza hut lol

    • woah! almost choked on the lunch i already finished eating! :p

      well we ate kebabs, but the conversation came up before the food arrived, but i must state that altho slightly pricy, the kebabs were very filling and we struggled to finish them πŸ™‚

      • mmmmmmmmmmm how much

        • i believe it was around 18 euro for 3 souvlakia and 2 portions of chips… so each it was about 4euro-ish.

    • peter

      lefteris has some really really generous portions. ever tried the poikilia super mega ultra mix grill special they offer? if not try it and grab another friend or two to help the situation!

      speaking of generous portions try the Godzilla chops at Drifters bar- very good value for money

      • lets try keep on topic… leave the chops for another time πŸ˜‰ SOUVLAKIA!? :p

      • Aristia

        tried lefteris!!! huuuuuugeeee portions! Delicious! recommended!!

      • yer i know the mix gril is great i took 1 mix grill feeds 1 ad and 2 kids no prob..

  • nick

    have u tried my homemade souvlaki?? probably not!! and its “mouxtin”(free):p

    • peter

      are you offering?

      everyone at nicks place, “mouxtin” souvlaki available!


  • kolonoua

    actually i prefer chinese;D

    • thats nice, but we’re talking about the juiciest and most delicious cyprus food :p I just wanna know where everyone thinks they found the best ones. :p

  • diomides souvla near marks and spencers πŸ™‚

  • leya

    Romios Kebab House – Ayia Fila for the win!

    • ive heard about this before, but wenever i went to try, it was closed!

      • leya

        Well clearly you went the wrong times :p It’s on the way to my house, will make you try one day.

  • peter

    ive heard of romios too, apparently they make good sheftalies. need to check it out

  • Tandouri Souvlakia Cyprus most definately makes the best souvlakia πŸ˜€

  • Mia

    Nooooo …. I like Kypros souvlakia next to rio cinema …and loxandra πŸ™‚ do i get a free souvlaki nowwww??? :p

  • Try Leventis in Engomi.
    Souvlakia Athalassa in well Athalassa and
    Adouloti Kerynia near the Red Cross in Nicosia.

    Somebody said something about ofto too?

    • hey Panayiotis, and welcome to the community.

      i’ve heard sooo much about the souvlakia from outside Limassol, yet not many took the time to write about them here… price to taste ratio? :p

  • since my homemade souvlaki is the best i vote romios for the second best souvlaki in lim..


    • where is that? and is it worth the price?

  • styliana

    se poia alli xwra exei tetoio fai???? only cyprus!!!

  • greek souvlakia are the best!

  • we still have not reached a decision on the best souvlakia… :s

  • So many places, most of them unknown because they are small, from the most popular souvlaki places I would suggest Kypros, Lwksandra and for Cyprus beef donner(gyros) Varoshotis (there is another name for his place that I don’t remember, it’s on the other side to Mcdolands in Leoforos Makariou) and Wippex near Agios Antonios Lyceum and that’s just for Limassol, I am sure you can find some really awesome places in other towns as well.

  • iam driving a lot in all towns in Cyprus and when i need to rest iam going for kebab .

    in Limassol im eating popis giro opposite of mcdonalds makariu street .

    in Nicosia im eating the best of the best suvlakia in THE WORLD.
    mixalis puppas kebab in strovolos