WARNING: Facebook Scam (areps.at)


I just received a private message on facebook a few moments ago asking me to ‘check out areps.at’ from a friend of mine that was obviously sent to a few random people in her friends list.

Going to the address areps.at, you are greeted by an imitation facebook login page. I believe that once you insert your details there, the system logs into your account and send these messages to your friends. I do not know what else they do with the details. but it will be possible for them to change your passwords and lock you out of your own account. I will keep an eye on this story for you all.

UPDATE : There are also other examples like this that try to steal your account details see FBAction.net, FBStarter.com. (Source : Mashable)

Even here at OnThisIsland.com we allow logging in and registration with facebook accounts, but your passwords are all handled by facebook in the popup box asking you to approve access to us, when you first register. After that facebook just lets us contact your account, we do not actually get any information for you. If you need any more information on how to check if sites are connected to facebook or trying to scam you, drop a comment below and I’ll gather the information.

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