WARNING: Cypriots on ‘Britains Got Talent 09’!


UPDATE: Stavros Flatley was chosen by the Public to proceed to to the final (Click to see his 2nd round performance and interview).
UPDATE: Stavros Flatley made it to the Semi-Finals.
UPDATE: We caught up with Demetris and Lagis of Stavros Flatley for a few questions.

Way to go Cyprus! This week we have two very special acts (for two very special reasons!!!) on show. Its the 3rd series of the hit ITV show in England, ‘Britains Got Talent‘ and we finally have some of our own homegrown talent(?) attending the show in an attempt to show the world how entertaining Cypriots can be.

First off Demetris and Laki Demetriou are a father and son who perform a traditional Greek dance for their audience with an Irish twist, with plenty of humour thrown in for good measure. Mr Demetriou was well known in North London’s Winchmore Hill area where he owned and performed in his Greek restaurant in the past. Years later, having retired from his restaurant , it was his 12 year old son Laki that convinced him to take on the stage yet again. Demetris’ stage name is Stavros Flatly and what follows is what Simon Cowell could only describe the act as “…One of my favorite ever dance acts “!

Interview with Demetris and Lakis Demetriou (sorry for not being able to embed the actual act)

Check out their full act @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hD_ucDQJMY

The second act is from a Mr. Andy Demetriou (not related to Demetris above). Well not a lot of info can be found on Andy, however the video is more than enough to give you an insight of his daring brilliance!

Andy’s video can be found @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZnE2CD8ibw