Update: Limassol reputation ‘saved’ by British escorts

Yesterday we got informed that one of ITV’s Take Me Out dates was filmed in Limassol.

We were also informed that the bars and clubs visited ‘looked dead‘ and we were worried about the implications on the small amount of young tourists and couples the city does attract being eroded by the aired ‘date’.

Fortunately, only some of the snippets were shown on the show’s sister program aptly named Take Me Out Gossip, and the actual date will not be aired on the actual show.

The reason for this is due to the fact that shortly after the male contestant was outed as a £30-an-hour male-escort, his female companion also confessed to being a £200-an-hour vice-girl.

Although, this doesn’t change the fact that SOMEONE should have arranged that the clubs and bars at least have people in it, and our friends at ektagon find this to be a massive PR blunder by the Limassol Municipality, Limassol Tourism Company, the Limassol Marina and the bar/club owners themselves. Be sure to read their article that’s being typed up as this is, we will update this article with a link to it when it’s published.