Traces performance by ‘The 7 Fingers’ reviewed.

Finding the right words to describe this performance is extremely hard due to the fact that it is really a performance ‘that will nail you to your seat’. Being sure that it was the first time a performance as such has ever been presented in Cyprus it was highly impressive and to those who missed out on these spectacular acrobats should be feeling a great deal of regret!

The acrobats, being all former members of Cirque du Soleil, show on the whole a great combination of contemporary dancing involving a basketball and skateboards, a great deal of breath taking acrobatic techniques consisting of pole-climbing, as to which they jumped from one pole to the other, being about 2 metres apart, in all sorts of different directions and landing in different postitions. Also present in the show were chair balancing, hoop-diving and equestrian vaulting.
The performers being so professional, excelled in no less than everything that they did. It was humorous, clever, entertaining… And the description goes on. Their strength as a group was visible, team work was very clearly presented and for shows as such, they need to have that strength and will.

Personally, The 7 Fingers inspired me in many ways, their show was very different to anything i’ve ever seen in all my years of dancing and performing. Well done to such a great performance and i wish them the best of luck, for more years to come!

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