TIESTO answers questions On This Island

Good Question!We were lucky enough to be informed about TIESTO’s brief press conference and had the opportunity to make it down to Ayia Napa ahead of his two events at Babylon Super Club.


Some of the questions are a bit unclear but we will post them.

  • Well done everyone on congratulating the DJ on his insult to the dead of 1974, the 1,600+ still missing & the double murder of innocent civilians in August ’96, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPMbOpu7Q_E&feature=related, his 2 visits to the occupied areas & support of the regime.

    You can delete my comment but you can’t delete the truth.

    • peter

      by preforming in the occupied north doesnt make the man an animal. he is dutch and he is a dj and he performs where he see’s it fit to make his living. now as far as your comment goes, you got the freedom of speech and we cannot take that away from you (so long as it isnt racist).

      • I agree with peter.. come on dude
        Cyprus problem is different than working to make a living.. I am not saying that I agree with his performances in the occupied areas but remember that “music connects people”

  • There are other ways to make a living without giving himself bad press & 2ndly – what living? If the guy had any decency, he wouldn’t have gone over there once, never mind twice. It’s not as if he needs the money!!!

    Funny how you say Louis “music connects people”, sport does that but no foreign sporting team is allowed to play over there… A bit of an irony wouldn’t you agree?

  • an elephant ???

  • I think it is perfectly normal for a dutch national to want to go and play in the occupied side. for two reasons, one he is NOT Cypriot and the issues of our nationalities has nothing to do with him, 2ndly, He is a DJ with the intention to entertain, whoever wants to listen. and should the occupied side have a want for Tiesto, then of cause he is going to go over there. Why make our problems his? Its like a USA guy not being allowed to go on holiday in Lebanon as it would be going against Israel, come on do you think the USA guy wants to be involved with that? and I dont believe its fair he is.
    I think its a very racist comment to say Tiesto should not be allowed in the occupied side, I am not saying I like it but who are we to put the rules.! seriously man, GET OVER IT!!!