Tickets for Sensation Beach Party

Tickets for the Sensation Beach Party in Dherinia are available from the following locations from the first week of June :

1. Esso Petrol Station, Paralimni

2. Famagusta Gym, Dherynia

3. Dagor Indian Shop, Agia Napa

4. If you need tickets for purchase in Limassol, please reply to this post. If there is enough demand we will order some for collection at’s offices.

For those who live abroad tickets could now be reserved by giving their details to the Sensation Team.

  • Robert

    ye man i def want a ticket aint missing that =P

  • G-Style

    uno ticket here aswell pls))

  • Mia

    me too me too 🙂 i got about other people who wana come

  • Mia

    **4 other people who wana come

  • Patrick


  • Orgy

    yeah i’m in for getting some tickets in Limassol…though im abroad at the mo lol

  • ok so.. so far 9 tickets… any others need tickets for pickup in Limassol?

  • leya

    As for me, i’m probably gonna need up to 15 tickets! Confirmation will be made soon 🙂

  • Fanatik

    make it 1 more 😀

  • Mia

    haha leya babe- u were one of my 4 😛

  • hey all, i was just informed that tickets are indeed 30 euros instead of 17.50 as previously stated by us. sorry about that mistake.

  • Kiko

    oh man is this an imitation of Sensation White and Black in Holland/Germany?

  • Kalli Rache

    i want a ticket i want one!!!!not missing that party!

  • Gary

    i might need more than one tickets. u can find me on facebook. thnx

  • vicky

    Can I still purchase tickets for this event? and if yes where?
    I am in Nicosia
    Please respond to me asap
    I just found out about this event.
    thanks in advance

  • hey vicky,

    well yea you can still get tickets and as i believe the tickets still havn’t come on sale, and are only available for booking by people currently outside the uk.

    to book a ticket you need to contact the sensation team (more details here :

    however if you read above there is no outlet in Nicosia, so you would have to travel to Paralimni, Ayia Napa or Dherinia, unless Limassol is easier in which case you should order a ticket here on this page 🙂

  • leya

    hahaha mia that’s funnY :)) Thanks for thinking about me 😉

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