This is not madness, This is Eurovision 2009

eurovision-09You either love it or hate it, but the Eurovision song contest is once again upon us. With its cheesy one liners on the show to its millions of hardcore fans following this mad affair religiously, we can expect what will be another spectacular show in Moscow.

The Eurovision song contest has evolved into one of Europe’s favorite TV shows, and spanning for more than 5 decades, the event is showing no signs of slowing down.  The real question is how will Cyprus and Greece fair in the competition?

This year Cyprus will be represented by the young and green Christina Metaxa with the song ‘Firefly‘. At only 17 years old she is one of the youngest contenstants in this years competition, but fear not, as this very talented young girl has already had a leading role in a Cypriot theatre production of the famous musical ‘Mamma Mia’. Furthermore to already add to her impressive CV are her writing talents, as she will soon publish her first book which will contain 3 stories for children!

Firefly was written by her older brother (singer/song writer Nikolas Metaxas,20) who became famous after finishing second in Greece’s version of The X Factor. The song is an inspirational and motivational piece that encourages listeners to follow their dreams by finding the ‘light’ we have within us. It is very different to Cyprus’ previous entries and I’m certainly hoping we can better our best previous result of 5th place in the competition by Anna Vissi (Mono i agapi,1982), Chara and Andreas Constantinou (Mana Mou,1997) and Lisa Andreas(Stronger Every Minute,2004).

Greece will be represented by the infamous Sakis Rouvas (calm down ladies!). Of course Greece has already won the competition once with the fantastic Elena Paparizou in 2005 with her hit song ‘My Number One’ but Sakis now will try repeat that achievement with his second attempt at the competition with ‘This Is Our Night’. The 37 year old’s first attempt was in 2004 with ‘Shake It’ which ended up in a respectable 3rd place. This year his song has been written by Graig Porteils and Cameron Giles-Webb and is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos.

The first semi-final of the competition was held yesterday (12th May) with 10 countries making it to the final including Turkey,Sweden, Portugal, Malta, Romania and  Finland. The second semi-final will take place on Thursday the 14th and will include both Cyprus and Greece in their efforts to qualify for the final which will take place this Saturday.

The bookies are placing Norway as the favorites to win the competition but id like to draw your attention to Euro 2004 football competition (Impossible is Nothing) 🙂 Good luck to both Cyprus and Greece and may the festivities finally begin!