Reviewed : The Sensation Black Experience!

Energy, dancing, drinking and overall craziness! Sensation Black was definately a party to be remembered! With a mixture of music all night long, dance showcases and rapping showcases for entertainment, numerous bars, and my favourite part being the glow sticks, it was all worthwhile.

With an estimate of 3500 people in attendance, I believe no one was disappointed!

It took place at Kapparis Arena, which at first glance was disappointing due what looked like a small space. But once walked through the entrance, the energy build-up begun. The giving out of glow sticks, the numerous bars with endless amount of drinks and a mixture of music was combined to complete the atmosphere!

It was a hit! One of the craziest parties I’ve probably been to. The only disappointment I felt, was that people could have made more effort in wearing black, considering it is a black theme party, it didn’t feel like it much.

We’ll see what awaits us next year!

For the pictures taken by our photographers, check the gallery here.