• Light years away from daily reality, ‘The Afro Banana Republic’ (ABR) opens its gates for the fourth year in a row. The Community invites you to come on board ‘The Mothership’ and join its permanent residents on 12th-13th September, for a two day otherworldly experience, in a parallel musical universe. .

    Having created what is effectively a community today, through last year’s takeover of the abandoned army camp 361 with «COLONY 361», The Afro Banana Republic Festival this year, establishes its action through «THE MOTHERSHIP». It is now a well-established community, which has developed its own way of thinking and being, with its own customs and rituals.

    The Festival is expanding as an idea. It’s expanding in scope. The interactive nature of the festival is strengthened with the incorporation of 20 new citizens, members of the «PARAVAN PROACTIONS» theatre troop. They are effectively undertaking essential roles in the state, such as the post-office and radio station. The team was brought together with the aim of giving the organisation a vivid theatricality, intense interaction with the public, and perhaps most importantly, a unique personal experience.

    The eclectic choice of music produces a fusion of many styles, thus creating a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions. The crowd’s experience will be navigated through the three music stages, presenting renowned bands and DJs from overseas, as well as some of the most active musicians of the local scene. Through organic and highly electronic sounds, choices range from funky, afro-beat rhythms and world music to the best Disco, House and Techno.

    Closely paralleling the continuous evolution of the Community, is the rising standard of living of The Afro Banana Republic.  There are new additions to the Festival grounds, such as a space for camping, floating beds and a special version of the beloved Nicosia coffee shop ‘Haratsi’. Not forgetting, the good selection of interesting food choices right down to the ubiquitous ‘Frutaria’ where visitors can have their freshly squeezed juices or just shop for their weekend’s fruit supply.


    Friday & Saturday, 12 – 13 September 2014

    15 Euros for a Single day, and 20 Euros for Two days


    For more and Facebook: TheAfroBananaRepublic



    • September 12, 2014 02:00 PM – September 14, 2014 12:00 PM

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