The Heritage Private School ROCK FESTIVAL fun!

The Heritage Private School, was proud to have their first ever ROCK FESTIVAL, at the school site on Friday the 26th of September.
It was more than a success, and the music department as well as the performers should be applauded for their hard work and effort!
Due to rainy weather, the concert was held in the school hall, but the atmosphere was great, and every seat was taken, as well as groups of people standing and admiring.
Believe it or not, the performers were not only students, but teachers too, (including the Headmaster’s dancing at the end of the show!)
Some songs sang, included ‘Teenagers’ , ‘Don’t say a word’, ‘We will Rock You (by the Prefects) and ‘ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL’ ! The audience clearly showed to have enjoyed themselves, and after the concert, the school offered snacks and drinks.

Well done Heritage School Rock band/performers, we hope there’ll be another Rock Festival next year again!

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Christina Angeli is a future English Literature teacher. She loves living on this Island, but is truly South African at heart! :) She likes partying, movies, reading and learning more about the human mind. Her favourite season is summer. Swimming, tanning and no exams! She's fond of observing the world around her and creative writing with no boundries. As long as she has family and friends in her life, she can be happy.