The English School Ranked 3rd…

… in the competition (at the time of writing)!

I was informed about this competition a few moments ago and after checking it out I am totally befunkeled! With 23 hours left 15.5 MILLION ANSWERS have already been answered correctly, having 181000+ answers being contributed by The English School based on Nicosia.

However the world is just waking up as these students’ school day is coming to an end, will they be able to keep their high ranking? Only time will tell.

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  • With 12 Hours Left of MathDay 2007, The English School move into second place with an amazing 439 000+ correct answers!

    I have to admit, I AM IMPRESSED! Way to go ! :O

  • Fanatik

    They had a few in the top 100 of individual catagory in the end as well also another student from cyprus came in the hall of fame at a rank of about 105 from the Heritage Privat school aswering 10 thousand odd questions