The ECO Brothers Three-Legged 10km Charity Challenge (Paphos)

The Paphos Marathon is taking place next Sunday 14/03/10 and being the brave soles we are, we have decided to run 10km of it joined at the legs for a children’s charity. We will also be wearing outrageous clothes, big wigs, and a huge t-shirt between both of us which means we will not be able to move our inner arms either. This is quite a challenge for us as when we tried to practice for it, we ended up falling over numerous times after less than 100 meters 🙂

The t-shirt will also have the names of our biggest sponsors and as many others as it will fit, which is where we are hoping you kind people come in. The children’s charity is outlined below and needs our help. You can help in one or all of the following ways:

1. Pass it on – Pass this event page onto as many people as you possibly can (to do this, click on the share button near the title of this article)

2. Personally Sponsor us – Use our paypal link below OR Write the amount that you want to sponsor them below so they can get in touch OR give them a call or email using the contact details below. They can give receipts from the charity so you can claim the tax back. REMEMBER anything and everything helps. NO MINIMUMS!!

3. Ask the companies that you work for to sponsor them, remembering to tell them that their logo will be on our tshirts and will most likely be shown on tv and will definitely be seen by another 600 people in the marathon (please email us the logos)

Please use the link below for donations using PAYPAL:

Please use the details below to get in contact with them:

[email protected]
tel: 99191336 or 99485459

The Charity Details

A ONE-OF-A-KIND educational organisation for children with special needs is being thrown out of the old Limassol hospital to make way for the growing campus of the Technological University TEPAK.

With limited funds and no guarantee of alternative housing, the charity unit is now faced with an uncertain future.

The Special Pre-school Education Unit is the only one of its kind on the island. It offers specialised services for developmental problems at symbolic charges. It offers timely intervention services to 50 families who have children with developmental problems aged from newborn to eight years old. Over the last years it has achieved accurate diagnosis for a large number of children with developmental problems including autism, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity, brain paralysis.

The Unit offers a range of specialised therapy including physiotherapy, speech therapy, work-therapy, psychotherapy and social work on an outpatient basis. In addition, it operates a day care centre for infants and children with developmental problems.

Meanwhile, the Unit’s Management also announced that the Unit has changed its name to ALMA Centre for the Development of Children’s Skills. “The new name reflects our efforts to adopt contemporary developments and upgrade our services. It is a name that exudes dynamism,” said Neophytou.

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