The Dancing Queen Foundation

dancing-queen-foundationDr. Yiota Demetriou The Dancing Queen Foundation has been founded by friends and family of the late Dr. Yiota Demetriou, whose ambitions to help children in her field were cut short in a tragic accident in November 2008.

The fund-raising foundation aims to continue Yiota’s work in the field of chil psychology.

It’s Clear Aims Are :

  1. The promotion of healthy psychology of childre, teenagers and their family.
  2. To improve the psychological health of children, teenagers and their families.
  3. To educate and inform people about problems concerning children, teenagers and their families.
  4. To help and support with any legal means children, teenagers, and their families that face psychological problems, specifically illnesses such as mental disorders, schizophrenia and any kind of abuse.
  5. To create branches of the foundation in other areas to promote the aims of the foundation.
  6. To donate to other institutions that are concerned with children with various kind of illnesses, psychological or physical, and to co-operate with public and social services, voluntary institutions and other organizations as long as the governing body of the foundations assumes that it contributes to the fulfillment of its aims.

Means – The aims of the foundation will be fuilfilled by :

  1. Informing the public and organizing events.
  2. Co-operation with governing body, doctor, psychiatrists and psychologists towards achieving its goals.
  3. Participation in voluntary programs.
  4. Voluntary, moral and economic support of various services associated with child, clinical and medical support.
  5. Participation where necessary e.g. seminars, educational events associated with children’s mental health.
  6. Arrange seminars, meetings, conferences and discussions or anything relevant.
  7. Distributions and announcements, co-operations with the media and other means.

Membership subscriptions and donations are welcome. For more info please contact :
Andreas Demetriou [ 99539106 ] John Charalambous [ 99534737 ] Stelios Kontou [ 99662217 ] offers this foundation all its support in helping to fulfill its important aims. You should too.