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  • Tornado actually hit Nicosia on Sept 18 2009

    As reported by Alertnet.org (via Reuters): NICOSIA, Sept 18 (Reuters) – A freak tornado ripped through Cyprus on Friday, injuring at least 11 people and wreaking havoc in the capital Nicosia, police said. The whirlwind accompanied by hammering rain tore off rooftops and uprooted trees which smashed into cars during rush hour traffic. Parts of […]

  • Tornado in Larnaka?

    OK, now this is just strange, several of my friends in Larnaka are reporting a hurricane, yet other from the same region are saying they just experienced a bit of rain for a few minutes. Larnaka, what is going on down there?! As I am not currently in Cyprus, I’m looking to you our readers […]