Summer 2008 Closing Party @ Breeze (Limassol)

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t means no more fun for us…
Yet another closing party, this time, at BREEZE club in Limassol, on Tuesday the 30th of September.
The partying starts at 10:30pm, and the price is 30 euros per person!
There will be 3 DJ’s playing, with a mix of Greek and English music, as well as Ipohthonios and Maria Iakovou performing!

Don’t miss it!

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Christina Angeli is a future English Literature teacher. She loves living on this Island, but is truly South African at heart! :) She likes partying, movies, reading and learning more about the human mind. Her favourite season is summer. Swimming, tanning and no exams! She's fond of observing the world around her and creative writing with no boundries. As long as she has family and friends in her life, she can be happy.