Why YOU should submit events

It’s been a long and exciting journey since April 2005 when OnThisIsland was hatched out of necessity to find and organise event information. We have always relied on the support of our readers, contributors and authors to keep our database filled with all the greatest events, but we now take it one step further.

We are shifting the event listing to a more social level with the latest update to our Cyprus Events application. What this means is that not only can you submit events you are invited to, but you will be given credit for doing so, here at OnThisIsland.com and on the actual event listing on Facebook.

You may be thinking… “Peee orexi, I cant be bovered, to submit events re” and to that we answer you this… simply approve permissions on the Event Submit Page, then its one single click per event. That’s less clicks than to change your status on Facebook, and you will get recognised by the event organisers as the one who shared their information with us. You never know, some event organisers have been known to give away freebies for doing so in the past.

Now you may be thinking, “… yea but then, what’s in it for me?” and we remind  you that we have a history of giving away insane quantities of prizes and vouchers from great companies island-wide, just to sweeten to deal 🙂

So what are you waiting for, add the Cyprus Events application and get sharing, and be recognized for the power you have online!

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