Street Life Festival 09 (Limassol)

streetlifeFollowing the massive success of Street Life Festivals of May and October 2007 with more than 4,000 people taking part, Street Life Festival 2009 will take place after public demand!

On Saturday 2 May 09, Saripolou and Athenon Streets will host for once more the most creative and interactive event of Limassol. Graffiti, juggling, skateboarding, body painting, street massaging and live music are some of the activities thousands of people will enjoy in the city centre.

Street Life has more than one reason to celebrate this year, especially the opening of the Cyprus University of Technology right in the heart of Limassol. It is a reason to celebrate because first of all we have all the students taking part this year.

The organizers, the famous shop Gifts and Gadgets and the communication agency Consulo, promise a day full of creative and educational activities for all ages from 0 to 100 years old! The philosophy is to revive the city centre and its streets and live the beauty of the historical centre of Limassol converting the walls into a huge canvas.

slo094Street Life Festival is a Must Attend Event – It takes place on the 2nd of May for the whole day from morning to night!

It’s supported by the Limassol Municipality and held under the auspices of the Mayor Andreas Christou. It is supported by Cyprus University of Technology with its students participating.

Graffiti and paintings on the walls – Watch and learn from Paparazzi ( and his friends from Greece creating a huge graffiti or you can just get some paint and leave your original colourful mark for the world to see.

Stage – There will be big stage where various bands, djs, mcs and dancers will be performing all day during the festival

Street Massage – Relax and try therapies from Penny Lazaris – Anatripsis. She will perform a massage marathon where proceeds will go to Theotokos Foundation

Handcrafts /second hand – Kiosks with various hand crafts and second hand sales

Skateboarding and BMX – Some of the best talents in Cyprus will be there to show some tricks with their skates and bikes. You are welcome to come with your skateboard to join in

For Kids – Learn how to make some magic tricks, get your face painted, make your own drawing with chalk on the street, get some clay or paint and make your own design.

Also support and participate: Skate City, Yiannis will be demonstrating the art of rasta hair, Jugglers, Red Bull energy drink free, Vimto free, Kypros spray, Sirius Dog Sanctuary, Adonis with old comics, old games and stamps, Christina with body paint and used cds for sale, Penny Douglas with her magic tricks, Georgia Alexandrou with handicraft jewelry, CUT students and art schools.

Come and join us to have a creative and happy day, watch artists work or just leave your own colourful mark on the walls of your city.

We suggest you leave your car for a day and come to the event on foot, with your bicycle or skates so you will be able to wonder around the traditional city centre

For information: At Gifts and Gadgets on Saripolou Street or by calling 25 35 35 73 and 25 87 81 64 and through email [email protected]

On Wednesday 30/4/09 Paparazzi and his friends will commence the making of a huge graffiti and finishing it on the day of the event on Sat 2/5/09. You are welcome to come and see them work.



Just be there!

Special thanks to :
Compass developers member of Evripidou Group
The Limassol Municipality for the traffic wardens and cleaners

Gifts and Gadgets
Synergatiko Tamieftirio Lemesou

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