Take the First Step in Launching a Blogging Brand

What kind of sections are we looking for?

We want to be able to give a podium to those who have something interesting to share from our lovely island.

Whether it’s photographic, text-based, humorous or illustrated… we know there are many talented storytellers on our lovely island, and this is our way of helping you build a brand for yourself and your creativity.

Although we cannot guarantee any form of non-disclosure of the ideas you submit (as we may get multiples submissions of the same idea) we do promise to treat your contact details with utter paranoid-like privacy.

  • Why Join?

  • 1. we split all ad revenue generated on your ‘section’ into three fair pieces.
    2. we help you build a brand for yourselves and your creativity.

    • 70
    • To You, The Storyteller

      It’s your opinions, it’s your passion, it’s logical therefore that it is then mostly your money!

    • 20
    • OnThisIsland Infrastructure

      Clouds* and marketing aren’t free, but we’re doing our best to keep the costs down.

    • 10
    • Helping Local Businesses

      We at Ektagon** really want to help Cypriot businesses, this small fund helps us help.

  • Hey there!

    Welcome to the home of our resident storytellers.

    From here you can dive into their individual sections and get a bit of a feel for what being an OnThisIsland Storyteller is all about.

    We’ll be adding another 7 new storytellers, whilst relaunching each of our old sections over the next few weeks.

* Clouds as in networks of servers hosting content behind the internet, not those cute fluffy puffs in the sky.
** Ektagon Platforms Limited is the company behind OnThisIsland.com