Stin Jee app launches in Cyprus

As our mobile-usage in Cyprus gets “smarter”, so does our search for savings and discounts. It’s not secret that every Euro counts, especially with how social we are as a society.

These could be some of the reasons why Nikolas Kairinos, Chief Architect at BrilliSoft, has chosen Cyprus as the launch market for their latest mobile app, Stin Jee. The cheekily named app helps anybody find specials on food and drink around you or wherever you’ll be headed.

An example scenario given to us, which we’re sure is quite common, is if you imagine a group of friends in a bar on a Friday evening. They’re hanging out, thinking about eating somewhere in the next couple of hours, but have no firm plans. A Stin Jee user launches the app, and within, say, 5 blocks of their location, half a dozen restaurant deals are displayed, with walking directions, distances and phone numbers instantly accessible.

According to the Stin Jee team, finding restaurants to join their platform isn’t difficult due to their no-brainer offering. Through an easy-to-use online dashboard, restaurant owners or marketing teams can quickly add and manage their offers. Like Stin Jee on Facebook

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