How to really stick to that resolution! Yes… THAT one!

We blog a lot about partying, we even blog about amazing restaurants, but what we never really touch upon is health tips and stories from around the island..


This will change over time, but there’s one topic we could never write about, and that’s dieting. Simply put, it was too opinionated. Some diets work for some, some others work for other, but most depressed people who felt ‘starved’ and frustrated with not being able to eat their favourite foods.

Then some friends of our started trying something different. As they described it, they could eat ANY food as nothing was actually ‘banned’. Yes, you read that right… but then they made it sound even more unbelievable… they got 24/7 support online and even had motivational group meetings every single week all year round.

We wouldn’t have believed it either if we didn’t witness the transformation first-hand of a lady quite close to us, as she lost over 25kgs and smiled more every day.

Following her continued success and wanting to share this with others who also faced the same battle, she joined the Slimmimg World organisation, who currently hold meetings around the island and across the United Kingdom.

Her own group meets every Saturday at 8:30, at the Arsinoe Hotel, and even offer a Greek support group too.  For more details call Ekave on 96 72 84 23

After seeing what an amazing job she has done, we look forward to hearing about your success stories too.