Stavros Flatley in 2nd Round of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

3-stavros-flatley-2009You may remember a post we made a while ago about the Talented Cypriots who performed on stage in the UK… well the dynamic duo who took Irish Dancing to the next level and that shocked the judges as well as having their video watched over 8 MILLION TIMES online… are officially through to the next round of ITV’s show, Britains Got Talent.

They will be on “the telly” across the UK for the semi-finals ont the 26th of May. We call for all their fans to vote for them! Thank you again for the smiles you put on our faces Stavros Flatley! Lets see what you’ve got up your sleeve, and its always nice to see our island on TV, even if its part of an Irish Dance. 🙂

We caught up with the two a few weeks back and had a “short” interview with them about who they were and their thoughts on the show so far, have a read and see why the team here is so happy they made it through, other than to see that dance again.

UPDATE : Stavros Flatley would like to thank you all for the support so far! Come on everyone, if you’re in the United Kingdom, vote for them, lets show them that Britain HAS got Talent, and it’s Cypriot!

(Image Credit : MyParkMagazine)

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