An exeptionnal weekend in a paradise place, by the sea…
Artistic workshops | Interactive Live show – Artists from France: KARIM REGGAD-choregrapher – Dancer&Percussionnist, ASSIA GUEMRA – Choregrapher – Oriental & Modern Ballet Dancer.
Featuring : Chloe -Euripides-Thierry -Cyprus, France and Africa meet together to offer you an exceptional weekend !

Full Program:

Saturday & Sunday 29-30 Mai –Weekend at Paradise Place – Pomos

Artistic workshops | Interactive Live show
Cyprus, France and Africa meet together to offer you an exceptional weekend !

Info & Reservation

[email protected] , telephone: 99 78 54 05


He is a French renowned artist with Berbero-Algero-Moroccan origins.

He is an experienced Choreographer – Dancer and musician.

Karim has been qualified as a “shaman of rhythm”.
He creates links between Brazilian, latin, indian and african dances…

He is a person with a unique approach to human beings which leads everyone to discover their creative skills and the rhythm of the body. Dance is a feast and an intense moment of laughter and friendliness.


She has been teaching dance for 27 years, animating dance class, training, master’s class and workshops.

In 2000, she set up the first Teacher Training of Oriental and Contemporary Dance.

She creates performances in France and all-over the world.
She has been developing and managing the TELURGIE Cie for 16 years.

Her route cross Contemporary dance, Indian dances, Buto (with Juju Alishina), Contact danse (with Olivier Besson) and Flamenco (with Pablito).

Her experiences allow us to create a unique world where Oriental Danse fusion with Contemporary Dance.