Spectacular DRUM & FLAMES @ Eleftheria Square (Nicosia)

no_imgSpectacular DRUM & FLAMES – Music & Fire Show
Fire show at Eleftheria Square to raise awareness on Human Trafficking in Cyprus

Spectacular DRUM & FLAMES music & fire show

Harri Kakoulli, Alice In Flames & Friends, will be doing a sensational music & fire performance in Eleftheria Square, downtown Nicosia.

The event is aimed to raise awareness on Human Trafficking and Labour & Sexual Exploitation in Cyprus.

All money raised during fundraising will go to charity.


Date: Tuesday 23-12-2008

Time: from approx 18:00hrs – 20:00 (6:00pm – 8:00pm)

Location: Eleftheria Square – Downtown Nicosia, Cyprus

~~~ “DRUM & FLAMES” Shows Extraordinaire ~~~

Harri Kakoulli (renowned World Music producer, re-mixer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ) and Alice In Flames (fire performer) have teamed up for an evening of alluring “Drum & Flames” show: A compelling combination of pulsating beats and live percussion coupled with a dazzling fire show.

There will be few impressive surprises and a solidarity statement by participation of audience with candles and sparklers.


Tracks from Harri Kakoulli’s recent best selling album “Heaven Within” (LAD Records) will also be featured, plus tracks from his upcoming album “Slave No More” which will be dedicated to raise awareness on human trafficking.




Harri and Alice intend to take the DRUM & FLAMES shows to all major towns next year as part of the awareness raising & fundraising efforts of Cyprus’ various Anti Human Trafficking & Labour & Sexual Exploitation organizations.

Prospective Sponsors for DRUM & FLAMES shows can contact Alice 99487701.


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