Small Earthquake Rocks Cyprus


This article is being updated with all the information we can find as we find it.

Reports put the shake at about 4.5 on the Richter scale.
The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center put it at 4.7 and the biggest in Europe recently, see here.

Summary from the EMSC:

Magnitude mb 4.7
Date time 2009-08-25 at 06:28:36.4 UTC
Location 34.71 N ; 32.93 E
Depth 15 km
Distances 11 km W Lemesos (pop 154,000 ; local time 09:28 2009-08-25)
48 km E Pafos (pop 35,961 ; local time 09:28 2009-08-25)
3 km N Erimi (pop 1,493 ; local time 09:28 2009-08-25)

I have no idea if it was just me, but I swear I was woken by a shaking and bouncing of my bed I haven’t felt in years (no comments from all you perverts out there!).

Was it an earthquake or do I really need to stop working so late?

I love the new generation, back in the day people would check news sites, tv, radio to see why their house was rocking like it is 1979, but for over 10 of my friends, changing their facebook status came first. :p

Hope everyone OK 🙂

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  • Hey Hector,
    I felt it quite alot here in Souni-Zatantzia (near Episkopi). Everyone ran out of their houses.

    Now a true story:
    Last night at dinner I mentioned that we havent had an earthquake in a while and asked my family what did they think it meant?
    It was the 1st time I ever spoke of earthquakes at dinner in my life. n this morning i wake up to discover there’s one happening !!!!! How STRANGE!

    • ok plan for tonight anna mu, talk about how that guy who has that website with the two circles and cyprus in the logo should really become rich, cuz its been a while since good people were rewarded. fck it, i’ll even pay for dinner :p

  • didn’t beat the year 2000 one, that one was mental!

    • was it actually scary? i missed it unfortunately :p

  • Mia

    i felt it baddd…sitting at work..and the glass doors and each side were shaking… naturally i just sat there. is it bad they dont scare me? one of the women at work was so freaked out. we all came outside and then my boss started on the conspiracy theories of 2012 … you believe its all going to happen??

    • ooo i totally forgot about those, i guess they’re all going to pop up all over the internet and pubs for a few days now :p

      (the theories i mean, not the panic stricken females hehe)

  • I was at work, I felt it really bad. The glass at the windows were shaking so badly. I run out the door immediately. Not the biggest earthquake Ive felt though. Just two days ago I told my dad that it’s about time for an earthquake

  • No the 2000 one was bloody mental. It probably moved Cyprus a few inches off the chart lol. I remember playing tennis with my trainer and thats when it happened. No need to say that i missed hitting the ball =P At least i was at an open place

  • yeah i miss the 2000 earthquake too! the good old days when ayia napa used to be packed and earthquakes literally rocked us on the map. 4.7 though was quite a shock for a “small” one?

  • b3nl035w1ck

    There was one 2 minutes ago! Not as strong and a little bit longer but when it stopped I swear I can still feel a mild thing going on, like it’s still there just barely noticeable waiting to errupt again!

    I live in limassol area btw and none of my friends from Nicosia (not even for the previous one) felt a dammned thing only people here, near me!

    • b3nl035w1ck

      It came back, like I knew it would, just mildly! Weird!

      • b3nl035w1ck

        Quake rattles Cyprus, people rush out to streets

        AGENCIES 16.SEP.09
        An earthquake shook Cyprus this afternoon, rattling buildings and sending office workers out on the streets, a Reuters witness said.

        “It was very strong, it shook the building and we all rushed out,” the witness said. “We can’t see any obvious damage.” – (agencies)

        • thanks for the information b3n, i was flying overseas at the time so couldnt do an article on it 🙂 hope you are all ok.

          • b3nl035w1ck

            np! and today I was in Nicosia and it sure felt like a tornado hit me, or just strong wind and shit flying all over! This Cyprus weather is driving me nuts sometimes!

          • if u can get me anymore details on this hurricane/tornado i’ll publish the story under your name 🙂

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