About the sewers in Limassol: there’s good news and bad news.

So, as you may have gathered there’s good news and bad news regarding the sewers in Limassol’s Old Town.

Seeing as it’s a Friday night, we’ll start with the good then head over to the bad.

The Good News: 

They’re finally doing work and upgrading the drainage system below old town.

The Bad News:

It appears they’ve chased out ‘quite a few’ black Tarantula-like spiders, who now need to live above-land.

Why is this a story? Because there are so many of them that home and business owners are calling authorities for help.

It must be noted that, although the spiders are relatively harmless to humans, they look adrenaline-inducing-ly terrifying.

Bonus Good News: Thank goodness they were not Black Widows, that are dangerous to man.
Bonus Bad News: We apparently have Black Widows as a resident species in Cyprus.

So, ladies and gents, if you see large black hairy spiders, don’t panic… they’re more scared of you than you are of th….. who am I kidding? If you see one just run towards the sea. Spiders can’t swim right? RIGHT!?

Note: Wondering why the image is so bad, I googled for an image of a Cypriot Tarantula, and tried to ‘edit’ it whilst a shiver bounced up and down my spine non-stop.

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