Security Issue with Internet Explorer

no_ieMany of you may have heard, but some may have forgotten.

If you are using Internet Explorer you are open to having your passwords stolen by hackers. There is a hole in their system that allows infected websites to download small files to your computer, which gives the attacker either your passwords or access to your system. There is still little word from the developers on whether the systems are completely patched yet.

From :

The software giant had originally believed the vulnerability affected only Internet Explorer 7, but late last week discovered that the issue affects all versions of the browsers on all Windows operating systems.

While less than a percent of users had possibly been affected, the Microsoft analysts warned that the use of the attack was accelerating.

With a reported 10,000+ websites infected and this exploit spreading, our suggestion is to download one of these alternative safer browsers:

  • Firefox – the world’s most popular alternative internet browser.
  • Flock – firefox, for facebook addicts
  • Opera – for quick browsing speeds
  • Google Chrome – google’s own internet browser
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