This Is Davina

  • A random act of kindness goes a long way

    I had to go the the labour office this morning. The dreaded day had arrived in hope of a turn for the positive where I’d hear the words “I have the  perfect job for you. You are going to love this”, followed by a huge genuine smile. This never happens so whenever I come face […]

  • Aftermath Ramblings

    The nature of this post has me feeling it’s necessary to exhibit my standpoint. I am not writing this as a mum of three children, or even one or two, and so it will be fairly obvious in my writing.  I just wanted to make that clear so as to avoid any misgivings of this […]

  • Let me bag it lady!

    Islanders, have you ever noticed that whenever you buy an item from a periptero (kiosk), a supermarket or a bakery, the cashier always bags your item? You know what I’m talking about about. You’ve all been there. Sometimes I want to say, “dude, seriously, it’s a pack of gum, but instead I politely say, “I […]