• The Mari Verdict

    Two years after we all felt the blow of the Mari explosion, that stole the lives of 13 people and left our power station and economy in tatters, a court has begun issuing its verdit on who was responsible and in what degree. We only share the links and opinions below so as to conclude our coverage […]

  • Bailout Crisis (Week 3)

    And we march on into the third week of this crisis. Be sure to check out Week 1 and Week 2 if you need to catch up. Follow on as we update you with the latest opinions/tweets/links from around the  internet with regard to our beautiful island’s economic recovery/meltdown. Got a question? Comment on the […]

  • Bailout Crisis (Week 2)

    In order to be able to bring you updates as fast as we possibly can, we’ve forked the live-feed for the first week of the Cyprus bailout crisis. Below you can find the latest links, tweets, articles, opinions and updates from on and around our lovely island. As usual, feel free to ask questions, share […]

  • The Cypriot Haircut (Week 1)

    Follow on from our article on the one-time levy on Cypriot bank depositors. As we’re getting in more and more information via a bunch of great sources, we’re going to be sharing them here, via the live blog below. It will auto-update, so no need to refresh. Disclaimer: We at are just sharing information […]