S7S Exclusive Mix Tape

s7s-oti-mixtape-smallAll our regular users here know DJ S7S, those of you that don’t… He’s the guy behind the weekly RnB charts here at OTI and the Lockdown Radio show. Check out both of our exclusive interviews with S7S here, and here.

Well, after hearing that OnThisIsland had been online for 4 years and going strong, he decided to give us and you a little something, and that little something came in the form of an exclusive RnB mixtape.

When I received it I was speechless, its an excellent set and is mixed perfectly with a few suprises along the way, being a man I played it straight away without reading the ‘manual’ or tracklist.

Many of the songs are brand-spanking-new and some are timeless classics. Perfect for you who are studying, working or working out. Have a listen or download it, and please do drop some comments.

[download id=”10″]


  • peter

    cheers S7S. sweet set man keep them rolling

  • thanks for the wishes S7S! siiiick mixtape!

  • any chance on being able to download it ? 😀

    • hey karl, right above the player, theres a link, simply right click and choose save target as. 🙂

  • Perfect study music 🙂 Best motivation..excellent mix ! !

    • yea thats what i’m using it for 🙂

  • Aristia

    this is wicked love it 🙂

  • muchos gracias senor Hector! 🙂

    • no problemo

      its what we’re here for 🙂

  • AliFakih

    sick mix man!

  • not bad, 71 downloads at almost 100mb each, people must be liking what they’re hearing! i have it on my phone and mp3 player! 🙂