Rugby : Limassol Crusaders vs Paphos Tigers

December 1st 2007 – Game was followed by the Colts Game.

Rugby.OnThisIsland.comWith both the ‘Tigers winning their previous game with a thrashing 0-61 over the Ay Nik Stags and the ‘Crusaders recording their first victory of the season 19-39 away from home against Nicosia Barbarians, both rivals were prepared for the sunny Saturday afternoon challenge at Limassol, foreshadowing a heavy-duty battle between the two.

The Limassol Crusaders forwards showed great effort and teamwork throughout the whole game and had much of the ‘edge over the tigers pack which resulted in a try coming from the Crusaders prop Chris Snaith after sustained pressure in their offence. Yet the Tigers backs proved much more dominant over the Crusaders back line which resulted in more try scoring opportunities which they successfully took, taking a short lead in the first half.

However the second half saw a much fitter and superior Paphos side strengthening their lead through the talent in their back line, tries coming from George Agathocleous, and Marcus Holden. . . The final score was 7 – 45 to Paphos.

It then was followed by a much longed for game between The Crusaders Colts u-17 and the Tigers Colts u-17. Due to Tigerss’ lack of players the game was forced to commence under 13 -a- side and uncontested scrums . Nevertheless, the two teams fought it out in the pouring rain with the stronger Crusader side dominating the game in nearly all aspects of the game resulting in four tries in the first half, Coming from mixed cohesion between the forwards and the backs.

The second half saw a more relaxed Crusader side yet the commitment was still clearly evident within , as the Crusaderrs were seen successfully maintaining the score line through an impenetrable defence, and adding to the scoreline with a successfully rounded of forwards move.

Final Score : 31-0 to Limassol . Try scorers Andrew Demetriou 2, Fidias Efthymiou 2 , Marko Mladenovic 1. conversions by Dima Zubenko 3 out of 5.

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