It’s time to reward you with prizes, free tickets and more!

Hey all, as you know we are a very community driven website.

With views, comments, shares, likes, +1s and event submissions from thousands of people around or in love with the island, we know that without you… there is no and so we’ve been researching ways to actively reward you for your support.

Over the summer we did various campaigns to reward our most active users, and we loved how it felt to reward those users.  And so now we are happy to be testing a new overlaying platform.

Get Started

To get involved, simply connect to the ‘Rewards’ tab on the left and start collecting points for your visits to, for liking/sharing/tweeting/+1ing our content and for leaving comments.

We’ve even dropped badges around for users to unlock and a leaderboard will show who the most active users are.

What are points for?

We will be continuously adding prizes, insane discounts and free tickets from our partners to the ‘catalogue’ (available via the ‘rewards’ tab).

You can exchange your points for these exclusive items, first-comes first-serves. So build up your points every day!

Join us in testing this new addition to our site and even get 100 points for letting us know what you think below in the comments 🙂